About Us

Doudier.com is a website that dedicated on recommending people high quaility artworks especially on Chinese traditional paintings.

Collection is a high level spirit activity, and next a category of investment. The idea of “Guarantee your collection” is raised for collectors to improve their happiness, gratification , and quality of life.

Doudier.com is majorly introducing Chinese painting and writing. Every artistic work has the anti-counterfeiting mark and back-up of details. And we promise: you can return purchase in one year and change the purchase in ten years as long as there is no obvious defile. The collection could be appreciated as much as one likes and returned at any time within one year. If the artistic work has the same artist and the similar size, it can be changed within ten years.

For example, if you bought a picture of Chinese Zodiac of dog in 2006, the price was one thousand yuan per square chi, and you could change a same size picture of rabbit in 2011 though the price had climbed to ten thousand yuan per square chi. The value of this kind of picture would still increase in 2015, but you could still change another picture of sheep by your former picture.

The collections of artistic are full of fakes. It is hard to watch out of the counterfeiter. Nowadays the group of artists is a mingling of good and evil, and most of the painters who wander among the markets only praise theirselves. But the real potential and accomplished artists are concentrate on studies and don’t want to become a salesman. Doudier.com gathers lots of professional artists connoisseur and chooses the artistic work worth to collection from all over the world and sign contracts with many artists. We provide the professional services which are base of honesty and insure the quality and aim to happiness.

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