Dr.Hans and His “Tang People Playing Polo” Complex

I’ve been known Dr. Hans for years since I came to Zambia. He changed my stereotype of German people’s punctuality; each time I have to assign our appointment several times, and each time we only get short period to chat about China, his zeal toward Chinese arts, his own collections and his interpretations of Tang People Playing Polo.


Dr.Hans manages Bestern Western hotels in African region, including Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, and Tanzania. He travels a lot to foreign countries, so he tells me stories of his journey each time we meet.

One weekend afternoon, I went to his office. I was impressed by his passion adoration for Zirou Li Gang’s Tang People Playing Polo–the painting was framed and occupied half of his office’s wall. Also, he showed me his recent collections, an aromatic folding fan for his wife, a ceramic tea pot, a counterfeit traditional Chinese painting, a model of terra-cotta warrior.


Dr.Hans’ home at Lusaka has many more collections. He said that it was hard to see Chinese elements in Zambia, only some replica traditional paintings and few lanterns in hanged in Chinese restaurants. Further more, Dr. Hans appeals to Chinese people in Zambia that they should not only doing their businesses here, but also they are obliged to spread Chinese culture.

At present, Dr.Hans is actively collecting arts and crafts from various countries for his private museum in Germany, and great amount of his collections are from China. I think it is probably because of China’s long history. A country’s history determines its history, and its culture has crucial impacts on its current development. Just as the curator of Doudier.com had said:” Chinese calligraphy and paintings are most standardized cultural symbol throughout human evolution history.”

                                                                      Written by Huang Pengqi