Zirou Li Gang’s “Tang People Playing Polo” Exhibited in Zambia’s Capital- Lukasa National Museum

In June 18th, 2016 , Doudier.com’s African exhibition center was invited to exhibit Tang People Playing Polo in Zambia. Local Zambian artists were also invited to participate in the exhibition, and the visitors came to the exhibition included various nationalities: British, American, Indian and Pakistani. Regardless of the different cultural backgrounds and nationalities, all the visitors were impressed by Tang People Playing Polo.

Our exhibition was at Zambia National Museum’s Exhibition Center, the place where almost all the tourists would visit to know about the local culture and history. The main exhibits there are paintings and status which show the development of Zambia.


The iron statue at the front of the museum.


Local artists’oil paintings reflect their ideas about life.


The statues about Zambian rural life on the second floor.


Mahogany statue Zambian Girland Tang People Playing Polo.                            5

Zhang Yongquan’s 12 Zodiac Series, Dragon was striking in this exhibition.                                                                                                 6

The director of African Exhibition Department introduced students from Lusaka middle school Tang People Playing Polo.                                                                                         7

Exhibition’s director and the students.

Zambian middle school students expressed their interests in Tang People Playing Polo and Doudier.com in Chinese.