The Curator’s Speech in Madrid


Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

The Flourishing Age of Tang Dynasty, The Dream of China, the Series of “Tang People Playing Polo” paintings Exhibition drawn by Zirou Li Gang is opening in Spain, an country with artistic atmosphere. As both curator of the exhibition and art curator of, please allow me to represent artist Mr. Zirou Li Gang to express gratitude to the attendance of the executive director of World Tourism Organization of the United Nations, Mr. Zhu Shanzhong, and Chief secretary of the Culture Office of the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Spain,Mrs. Gang Ping! Also, I am grateful to all the media and friends’ participation and support of the exhibition!


Zirou Li Gang, whose given name is Li, first name is Gang and he styled himself Zirou, is a contract painter with Doudi’ and also a researcher from painting and calligraphy art educational institute in the Open University of China.  In 2010, Zirou Li Gang was selected in the most famous ink and wash painter of the year. In 2012, “Tang People Playing Polo” drawn by Zirou Li Gang was listed as National treasure project’s key supporting one by China Social and Cultural Foundation of Ministry of China. In 2013, this series of paintings were exhibited around five African countries, it got the highly commend from Kaunda, the former president of Zambia, who also signed his name on a < Tang People Playing Polo > painting. In December 2014, this series of paintings were selected in France Louvre Carrousel International Art Salon and won the silver prize.

Artist divided the ink into five different shades and special-tailed xuan paper to depict the tumultuous horses, rolling ball, and flying sticks. Unrestrained painting skills produced the natural depiction of Tang People and their life styles. This is not only a free life style, but also a free time. mainly manage traditional Chinese calligraphy and paintings, and we sign contract to each painter who cooperate with us. promises:”you collect, I protect”, collectors can return the purchased artwork within a year since the artwork was purchased; collectors can exchange the artwork of the same size from the same artist within ten years. aims to lower the risk of collection to zero of our collectors.

Here I would like to offer special thanks to great Spanish artist Picasso. His propagation for Chinese paintings inspired us to hold the exhibition. In 1956, Picasso got a copy of the paintings of Qi Baishi, which impressed Picasso with its unique style. Picasso told Zhang Daqian, a Chinese artist who went to visit him, In terms of art, Chinese art should be ranked No.1. Mr.Qi’s paintings are amazing for that in his portrait of fish, although he did not use any ink to draw water, we can still feel the fish swimming in the water. In  inTang People Playing Polo, we cannot see the specific details of horses’ hooves, but we can feel the movement in an abstract way. Zirou Li Gang focus on both Chinese art as well as the study of western art, and he often combine both realistic style and abstractions to create artwork. Art is not just skills, but also philosophy, ideas, and time.




In conclude, I wish this exhibition great success.