Madrid: Zirou Li Gang’s “Tang People Playing Polo” Reveals Chinese Demeanor

At 7:30 PM Madrid Time,June 24th,2016 ( Beijing time, 1:30 AM June 25th), The executive director of World Tourism Organization of the United Nations inauguratedThe Flourishing age of Tang Dynasty, The Dream of China, the series of “Tang People Playing Polo” paintings Exhibition drawn by Zirou Li Gang at Hilton Hotel at Spain’s capital- Madrid. Chief secretary of the Culture Office of the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Spain attended the opening ceremony. The art director of and curator of this exhibition-Gao Runxiang thanked the honored guests and organizer. President of the international association of journalists,Javier Martín Domínguez, and president of Iberian National Association of American Journalists, Sully Fuentes, gave speeches.


The Opening Scene


Gao Runxiang gave speeches, the left is host and translator Mrs. Liu Qiaonan


Executive director of World Tourism Organization of the United Nations, Mr. Zhu Shanzhong announcing the opening of the exhibition


Honored Guests

The opening ceremony was hosted by the president of Chinese and Western Cooperative Discovery Foundation,the chief delegate of Madrid Entrepreneur Forum, and the publisher of Xishang megazine-Mrs.Liu Qiaonan.She introduced both Zirou Li Gang and his artwork in both Spanish and English: “Zirou Li gang have held over a hundred exhibitions at home and abroad.Mr.Kissinger had complimented that Tang Dynasty had once led the value orientation of the world throughout history of human civilization. Tang People Playing Polo by Zirou Li Gang expressed human spirit of Tang Dynasty in an artistic way. From my perspective, Polo represents that human and animal cooperate together to win the competition, and it is more exciting than soccer and more elegant than golf. 
  In 2010, Zirou Li Gang was selected in the most famous ink and wash painter of the year. In 2011,’Zirou Li Gangs Tang People Playing Polo  appreciation party was held in Shanghai, the 80 pieces of artworks had been collected by 63 collectors. In 2012, “Tang People Playing Polo” drawn by Zirou Li Gang was listed as National treasure project’s key supporting one by China Social and Cultural Foundation of Ministry of China. In 2013, this series of paintings were exhibited around five African countries, it got the highly commend from Kaunda, the former president of Zambia, who also signed his name on a < Tang People Playing Polo > painting. In December 2014, this series of paintings were selected in France Louvre Carrousel International Art Salon and won the silver prize.”

President of the international association of journalists,Javier Martín Domínguez,said humorously in his speech: there are two amazing and indelible things happened in Europe this week-one is that Britain held referendum to be out of European Union, and the other is the exhibition of Zirou Li Gang’s Tang People Playing Polo!


  President of the international association of journalists, Javier Martín Domínguez ,gives speech


President of Iberian National Association of American Journalists, Sully Fuentes,gives speech

Ye Lan, Liu Zhenxin, Yan Minghai, and Zhong Zhengchuan also presented their impressive artworks.

After the opening ceremony, the undertaker-YOYO Travel Spain’s chairman of the board, Jiang Feng, held cocktail party.’s cultural exchange group members: curator of Runxiang, president of’s member club-Han Zonghai,’s consultant-Wang Rongshan,’s Jiangsu club’s president-Wu Junrong, Zhangjiagang Wine Hunter Chateau’s chairman of the board-Han Lin attended the opening ceremony and the cocktail party.