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Profile of Wang Jianliang

wang jianliang

Wang Jianliang, also known as the master of Sanzhangju, was born in Wuji, Hebei in 1964. He was ambitious when he was very young. After graduated from high school in 1981, Wang Jianliang was looking for an artist as his master regardless of the tough condition. Fortunately, he was formally acknowledged Jiang Feng as his master. Under Jiang Feng’s guidance, Wang Jianliang copied the “Jieziyuan” and a lot of well-known Chinese traditional landscape paintings. At the beginning, Wang Jiangliang started to learn the pattern of paintings from the Five Dynasty. Then, he imitated the painting styles from the works of Dong Yuan, Ju Ran, Jing Hao, Guan Tong, Li Cheng, Fan Kuan, Ni Zan, Huang Gongwang, Wang Shuming, Wu Zhen in Song and Yuan Dynasty. Later, he preferred the artistic styles from Wen Zhengming, Dong Qichang, The Qing Four Monks and Gong Xian in Ming and Qing Dynasty. Wang Jianliang also devoted himself to read from the ancient to the modern, and believed that “the artistic creation is derived from nature; however, to convert nature to art requires painters’ inner thoughts”. So he started to visit Mountain Tai, Mountain Jiuhua, Mountain Huang, and Mountain Taihang and finally his footprints are all over China. In 1988, Wang Jianliang studied in Heibei people’s art Gallery. Also, he graduated from Beijing Fine Art Academy in 2002 and from The Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2004. Among 20 years of exploration, Wang Jianliang had his own understanding of art. Based on macro-history and classical art, he steped into tradition and moves towards livelihood to inherit the conventional artistic heritage and make innovations for art, which is Wang Jianliang’s lifelong pursuit. His painting “Weietaihang” was collected in the Great Hall of the People.


“Shenshanxiaozhan” achieved the 2nd prize HeBei Landscape Painting Exhibition.

“Taihangxiongzi” was selected to display on the National Fine Arts Exhibition at the 40 Anniversary of National Day.

“Taihangqiuse” was selected to display on the 7th National Gongbi Painting Exhibition and achieved honor award.

“Yumushanxiang” wined the 2nd prize on “Shijizhiguang” National Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition.

“Shanqing” wined the 2nd prize on Hebei Calligraphy and Painting Photography Contest.

“Guiqiao” was selected to display on Sino-Japanese Exchange Exhibition.

“Guanxiantu” exhibited in Hong Kong.

“Aoliqiangu” exhibited in South Korea.

“Hulinrendechuiyan” was selected to display on the National Fine Arts Exhibition at the 50 Anniversary of National Day.

“Shanlirenjia” was selected to display on the 21st Century National Painting and Calligraphy Seal Cutting Exhibition.

“Qiushuicangshan” was exhibited on National Fine Arts Exhibition at 80th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

“Shujianmaowuxianlinshui” was exhibited on National Fine Arts Exhibition at the 110th anniversary of Zhou Enlai’s birth.

“Shiyizhanqianshuyuankanyuanshangcun” was exhibited on National Fine Arts Exhibition at the 30th anniversary of publishing reform and open up policy.

Now, Wang Jianliang is a member of China  Artists Association and a member of Hebei Artists Association.

His works have attracted attention in Europe and America. In 2009, the price of paintings by him climbed up despite the global financial crisis. In 2010, Doudier signed contract with him.

The Chairman Han Zonghai Report the Preparation of Taierzhuang Thematic Exhibition in Beijing

In the afternoon on May 13th, membership club organizational committee chairman of (domestic) Han Zonghai, president of Beijing Byone Global Food Limited Company Qu Hongbo came to the head office of They exchanged the ideas and discussed in depth of the exhibition for “Tang Dynasty Polo Figure” by contracted painter of Zirou Li Gang in Taierzhuang recently with art director Gao Runxiang and the head of exhibition department Zihui Huang Yong.

Based on their discussion, they decided that “Writing the Flourishing of Tang Dynasty and Painting Our Motherland” as the slogan of this exhibition. “Writing the Flourishing Tang Dynasty” will mainly display “Tang Dynasty Polo Figure” series by Zirou Li Gang. “Painting Our Motherland” will mainly exhibit the landscape paintings by Liu Jian.

Taierzhuang has a long history of cultural civilization. It is a famous historical city which consists of the maximum number of heritages from World War II in the world. Taierzhuang is also known as “The place that Chinese people would never surrender”. It formed in Han Dynasty, developed in Yuan Dynasty, prospered in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, and was honored as “the best manor in the world” by Emperor Qianlong. Taierzhuang locates at a very important geographic position with convenient transportation. The “The Golden Water Channel”, Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou, runs through Taierzhuang. Industrial-based economy is fully equipped as well as the abundant tourism resources. “The canal culture” and “the martial culture”, “Shandong heroic spirit” and “spirit from regions south of the Yangtze River” are all blended in Taierzhuang. As the only base for exchanging between both side of the Taiwan Straits, Taierzhuang sends out it’s unique charming of humanity, and becomes one of the most attractive tourists’ destinations, even a holiday resort that attract tourists from all over the world.

We strongly believe that based on favorable climatic and geographic conditions as well as the supports from local people, there will be a great success on the exhibition in Taierzhuang.