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Showing the Flourishing Era in Tang Dynasty and Realizing the Chinese Dream The exhibition of “Tang Dynasty Polo Figure” Series by the signatory painter of, Zirou Li Gang

On April 27th, the exhibition of “Tang Dynasty Polo Figure” Series by the signatory painter of, Zirou Li Gang was officially launched at 10:18 A.M. in Yangzhou Art Gallery. The former deputy minister of agriculture; councilor of the State Council, Liu Jian, art director of Gao Runxiang, as well as the membership club organizational committee chairman of (domestic) Han Zonghai, gave tremendous presentations respectively on the opening ceremony. Vice-chairman of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference Zhang Jiujiang, vice-president of Jiangsu Provincial advisory office Zhang Yanlei, member of Yangzhou Municipal Standing Committee; minister of Propaganda Department Lu Guiping, former vice-chairman of Yangzhou Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference Zhang Jieping, chairman of Yangzhou Municipal Literary Federation Liu Jun, president of China Radio & Television University Press Liu Chen and etc. Were also attending the opening ceremony. Continue reading

Councilor Liu Jian Visits

Liujian and Gao Runxiang

On April 20th, 2013, councilor of the State Council; top director of IPRCC; member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, Liu Jian visits in the afternoon.

Councilor Liu Jian was informed that there would be an art gallery named “Showing the Flourishing Era in Tang Dynasty and Realizing the Chinese Dream” in Memorial Hall of Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou in Jiangsu province. At the scheduled time, “Tang Dynasty Polo Figure” by Zirou Li Gang, a contracted painter of, would be displayed on the exhibition as well. Then, Liu Jian voluntarily wrote an inscription, “Polo came from Western country and has a long history. Polo reappeared on these painting works. Chinese Dream will finally come true”. In addition, Liu Jian also brought his own excellent paints for the exhibition.
Councilor Liu Jian has loved traditional culture since he was young. Based on his life experience, he digs into calligraphy, painting, literature, and other Chinese traditional artistic forms. Hence, Liu Jian gradually forms his own style and unique visual effect. During the process of examining his paints, we could always feel elegant and graceful come out of his works and understand the profound message he sent to us. Liu Jian’s paints bring us fresh air for this fickle era. The nature, art, and life to which Liu Jian aspired might be blended in his paints as well.


Contracted Painter of, Tang Zhen, Brings Her Creations to the Head Office and Communicates with other experts

On April 15th, Contracted painter Tang Zhen brought her recent creations to the head office of, and communicated with the art director; professor, Gao Runxiang, and calligrapher Zihui Huang Yong in depth. Professor Gao Runxiang and calligrapher Zihui Huang Yong gave Ms. Tang some constructive advices and wished she could have more communications with other contracted painters of, such as Wang Jianliang, Zhu Shiming, and etc.