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Discussing the Preparation for Zhangjiajie Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Between Yang Jing and Director Gao Runxiang

20130328080213889Contracted painter, Dean of Zhangjiajie Painting Academy, Yang Jing came to visit in the afternoon of March 28th. He reported that the plan of holding a painting and calligraphy exhibition at Zhangjiajie and Huangshan Scenic Zone during the first half of the year to art director Gao Runxiang and gained his support. This exhibition is planned to launch during the first half of the year, sponsored by China Tourism News, Art News,, and relevant departments of Zhangjiajie local government, and organized by Zhangjiajie Painting Academy. Contracted painters of who are planning to attend the exhibition are Zirou Li Gang, Yang Jing, Zhu Shiming, Wang Jianliang, and Li Shenglin. Other painters, such as Wang Kuohai, Zhang Qingzhi, and etc. will be invited to display their creations on this exhibition as well. In addition, the exhibition will be reported and covered by China Tourism News, Art News, Hunan Satellite TV, and Zhangjiajie Satellite TV, Zhangjiajie Daily, and many other print medias and videolands.

Art Director of Gao Runxiang was Invited to Attend Luzhoulaojiao (a kind of liquor) “Guojiao 1573” Sealed Ceremony in 2013 in Luzhou, Sichuan

Art Director of Gao Runxiang was Invited to Attend Luzhoulaojiao (a kind of liquor) “Guojiao 1573” Sealed Ceremony in 2013 in Luzhou, Sichuan

Today (March 13th, 2013) is the second day of the 2nd lunar month, thus the dragon is rising his head. Spring comes to the beautiful “wine city” Luzhou, which brings Luzhou mildness and bloom. The annual festival of white spirit – Guojiao 1573 Sealed Ceremony, holding in Luzhou comes again. This ceremony will be grandly hold on Guojiao Square in Luzhou, Sichuan. Art director of Gao Runxiang was invited and came to attend the pageant. Director Gao Runxiang witnessed “the pioneered mellow spirit is so prosperous” with other special guests from all over the world.

According to the information, the festival splits to several parts as following: sacrificing, sealing, and selling customized spirit. The sacrificing part will fully reveal the scene of Chinese traditional sacrificing ceremony. For the site design, in order to extend the historical culture of Laojiao, the passageway for guests will be designed as “ancient wine road”, which imitates the ancient style. With almost a thousand hectares of organic sorghum, some precious historical pictures of the founder of Luzhoulaojiao as well as pictures of local wine houses, and also some classical poem related to wine to decorate both side of the road. The compere of CCTV “National Treasure Files”, Ren Zhihong, officiated the ceremony. Meanwhile, the sealing ceremony also invited numerous experts in this industry and members from Selection Committee of National Intangible Cultural Heritage as honored guests. The 2012 The Most Beautiful Teacher Alipuxia Yinayatihan and 2012 The Most Beautiful Village Doctor Wang Bu will attend the talk show “That One Jar of Wine in the Life” hosted by the sealing ceremony.

Contracted Painter Yang Jing Visits

March 6th 2013, Contracted painter Yang Jing visits office of Mr. Yang Jing created Prunus mume, Cymbidium, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum four paintings on site and presented it as a gift to He also visited Zhang Yongquan’s Snake in Snake Year painting exhibitions and offered his own insight and interpretation of the painting. Yang Jing believes Mr. Zhang’s work shows exquisite composition, the painting was accompanied by Zihui Huangyong transcribed philosophical essay from Professor Gao Runxiang. Three in one, it is inevitable to receive public’s welcome.

Art Director of Gao Runxiang Visited The Art Market Periodical Office and Art Gallery

On March 6th 2013, expert of Tsinghua University cultural creative research center; art director of, Gao Runxiang and 3 staffs of visited The Art Market periodical office, and The Art Market Gallery, which affiliated with The Art Market periodical office in the afternoon.
Fortunately, on the same day, it was the final day of “Yangjia Village – Yang Peijiang Paintings Exhibition”. Gao Runxiang and 3 staffs of received warm reception by the staff of The Art Market periodical office who is responsible for the exhibition. The staff also introduced the general background of the painting works and the periodical office.