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People’s Daily:the Dragon in Chinese Zodiac Bring Luck

In January 6, 2012, The People’s Daily Overseas Edition published the essay the Dragon in Chinese Zodiac Bring Luck created by Mr. GaoRunxiang, who is the famous writer, the connoisseur of painting and calligraphy, and the art majordomo of The full text is this:

the Dragon in Chinese Zodiac Bring Luck

Gao Runxiang

The People’s Daily Overseas Edition(January 6, 2012 7th edition)

The dragon in Chinese Zodiac, the creation of Zhang Yongquan,

In Renchen year, the dragon in Chinese Zodiac painted by the artist Zhang Yongquan, which assimilates the style of dragon which founded during the archeology and emphasizes the harmonious, auspicious and healthy, shows the characteristics of times and the spirits of culture of dragon.
Among the Chinese Zodiac, only dragons don’t have really form. This condition gives our painters more difficulty of creating, but gives more space of imagination. Zhang Yongquan has his own understanding of dragon by research the documents and materials. He borrowed a jade pig dragon made in the culture of Hong Shan and the bronze mirror and chinaware with the pattern of dragon from one of his friends who works in a museum. He made 300 dragon picture into a slide and watched them and considered them again and again. He founded that the dragon in different ages has different character. So he jumped out of the simple definition of dragon, and concentrated the spirits of Chinese dragon into his painting by comparing the history, present and future, and reach the state of identical between dragon and human.
Our painter once took advice among the net friends via More than ten thousands mails were received in one month. Zhang Yongquan made big adjustment when he was creating by sum up the advice of net friends, especially in the expressing of the meaning of the painting. He often discussed with interrelated experts. The flood dragon rushing out of the sea represents the boundless prospects; two dragons playing with a pearl represents the harmonious and friendship; the dragon driving the auspicious cloud represents the auspicious and vitality. There are still golden dragons, silver dragons, green dragons, blue dragons……Every creation by Zhang Yongquan has a nice meaning. One of a net friend from Inner Mongolia wanted a pattern of a dragon face in a whole paper. Yongquandid’t know the meaning, and called him to ask. This friend’s sign is a dragon, has a happy family and great achievement. In Chinese Zodiac culture, the age of 48 would be a ‘pit’ of his life. So he want a dragon picture to exorcise the evil spirits. This friend make a special-purpose trip to Beijing to tell his opinion. At last they reach a consensus: Zhang created the picture according to the pattern of Pixiu. In Chinese Myth, dragon has nine sons, and one of them names Pixiu, who represent of collecting money and exorcising evil spirits. Although he has acruel face, but all people like him.
Mr. Zhang Yongquan engages in drawing and repairing on ancient building in Palace Museum for many years. His skill and technique is influenced deeply by Chinese tradition and becomes better day by day. He found that the culture of Chinese Zodiac is an indispensible part in thousands years of Chinese traditional culture. Our ancestors’zootheism and totemism, combined with the results of ancient astronomical observation in the past years. Chinese Zodiac became not only a vivid method to record years and months, but also a miraculous character which be given via combine with everyone.