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Zihui Huangyong’s Profile

HuangZihui yong, whose last name is Huang and first name is Yong, styled himself as Zihui. He was born in Henan and now lives in Beijing. Zihui Huangyong is the director of the exhibition department and contracted calligrapher at and researcher from Painting and Calligraphy Educational Institute in the Open University of China. He has been studying calligraphy at an early age, especially focusing on regular scripts. Following the styles of Zhao Mengfu(Yuan Dynasty), Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi( Jin Dynasty), and Wen Zhengming and Wang Yayi, Zihui Huangyong aims to mimic the ancient calligraphers in lines, shapes, and texture. Graduated from Henan Provincial Institute of Culture and Arts, his regular script work Diamond Sutra, Tao Te Ching, Lotus Sutra, Huang-ting Ching, Heart Sutra, Mao Zedongs Three Articles, 110 Poems and Lyrics of Mao from Mao Zedong have been collected by collectors from
United States, France, Germany, South Africa and Taiwan;The Imagery Demonstration of Li Qingzhao’s Verses, painted by Ge Ping with the scripts written by Zihui Huangyong, has been collected by collectors and institutions from Singapore, Hongkong, Shandong, Henan, Beijing, and Shanghai.

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Ge Ping‘s Profile

Ge Ping

Ge Ping, female, born in 1957, Zhoukou, Henan province, is’s contract painter,  researcher from painting and calligraphy art educational institute in the Open University of China, vice president of Henan Provincial Association of Female painter, member of Henan Artist Association, member of Henan Calligrapher’s Association. She is intelligent and followed the traditional education through her childhood: she started learning calligraphy and Chinese painting when she was 6; she transferred from normal middle school to art school to study painting when she was 16; at the age of 19, she engaged in publicity work for Food Bureau, and almost all of the local propaganda paintings and slogans were her work. She attended Henan University and majored in Chinese. In the university, she had studied traditional Chinese poetry and literature systematically, especially Li Qiangzhao’s verses. In 2001, she participated in development courses in Beijing Art Academy. In 2002, Ge Ping was introduced to cooperate with by her tutor and the settled down in Beijing.


Ge Ping’s paintings follow and combine the style of Zhou Fang(Tang Dynasty), Gong Suran(Song Dynasty), Chen Hongshou(Ming Dynasty), Ren Bonian(Qing Dynasty), and the some modern painters such as Zhang Daqian, and Huang Zhou. Later, she followed Shi Qi from Beijing Art Academy to study how to combine representationalism, abstraction, and imagery together to create human figures in traditional Chinese art. In 2008, Ge Ping held individual exhibition in Beijing Working People’s Cultural Palace, and her Imagery Demonstration of Li Qingzhao’s Verses arouses interests from the public. Connoisseur Gao Runxiang commented:”Ge Ping had deep understanding of Li Qingzhao’s verses, and she had the unique character of female sensitivity, so she could detect the mood and the hidden feelings of Li Qingzhao. In addition, since Ge Ping had been reading and researching traditional literature, her comprehensive understanding of both history and Li Qingzhao’s life experiences enable her depicting the verses with great accuracy.

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Profile of Zirou Li Gang

Zirou Li Gang

Zirou Li Gang, whose given name is Li, first name is Gang and he styled himself Zirou, is a contract painter with Doudi’ and also a researcher from painting and calligraphy art educational institute in the Open University of China. Twenty years ago, he got access to draw by tracing the mural in Price Zhang Huai of Tang Dynasty’s tomb, it was the first time he got to know about “Tang People Playing Polo” paintings, from then on, Zirou Li Gang started his creation on this subject. Tang Empire has greatly influenced the whole world until now, and the polo game at that time represented the rise and fall of the Tang dynasty. It shows the power, speed and skill. Zirou Li Gang uses the Chinese painting language to show the great age, the elegant game, also the spirit and demeanor of the rejuvenating great modern China. Zirou Li Gang’s paintings attracted people’s attention and interest all around the world. In 2010, Zirou Li Gang was selected in the most famous ink and wash painter of the year. In 2012, “Tang People Playing Polo” drawn by Zirou Li Gang was listed as National treasure project’s key supporting one by China Social and Cultural Foundation of Ministry of China. In 2013, this series of paintings were exhibited around five African countries, it got the highly commend from Kaunda, the former president of Zambia, who also signed his name on a < Tang People Playing Polo > painting. In December 2014, this series of paintings were selected in France Louvre Carrousel International Art Salon and won the silver prize.

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Profile of LIU Jian


Liu Jian was born in September, 1944 in Nantong, Jiangsu province. He is incumbent adviser of the State Council; president of International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC); member of Chinese Calligraphers Association. His previous positions include leaders of ministries and commissions at provincial level and national level. Continue reading

Profile of Painter Yang Jing

Yang Jing was born in 1963, city of Hanshou, Hunan province. Han Chinese. He was studied at Nanjing Arts Institution in the 1980s. Current dean of Zhangjiajie Painting Academy; Korea Art Club advisor; Guangdong International Chinese Calligraphy Research Academic advisor; Creative staff at China Federation of Painting Clearinghouse; Class one artist; member of Hunan Artists Association. He was former deputy director of Chinese Artists Association of Zhangjiajie; A member of Chinese representatives at Korea, China and Japan Biennial International Painting Exhibition Tour. Team Leader of 2012 National Scenic Area painting academy for poetry painting and calligraphy. Game Organizing Committee Council’s Executive Director and a member of jury for The First Tourist Cup of National Calligraphy Competition. Peer Review Committee for post-modern International Chinese calligraphy simulation seminar. Guangdong International Chinese calligraphy Exhibition of Harmony” adjudicator. Korean Art Club in Seoul City Triangle Mountain Culture and Art Center organized Yang Jing calligraphy and hospitality exhibition in May 2007. In January 2010, the Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Department of Zhangjiajie and Zhangjiajie Artisan Association held joint exhibition in Shenzhen Museum of Literature and Arts: Ink and Wash, Zhangjiajie – Yang Jing landscape Painting Exhibition. Yang Jing was selected by the China Federation of Painting and Calligraphy Art Exchange Center and the State Intellectual Property Office as a member of the a hundred famous painter hall of fame. Yang Jing’s landscape painting Xiongzhi, Zhangjiajie’s early spring, clouds of Zhangjiajie, Zhangjiajie’s Baofeng Lake and other works have been selected by Central Military Commission General Office-Beidaihe Office as their collections. Landscape painting Wuling Zhaohui was entered the collection of the State Council National Government Offices Administration services Bureau. Landscape painting Zhangjiajie Clouds Map is in the State Intellectual Property Office’s collection. Huge landscape painting Wuling xianyuan was collected by the Shenzhen Museum. Many Chinese and Foreign institutions and private collectors have purchased his works of painting, calligraphy and carving. Yang Jing’s creation have received many awards and entered exhibitions held by China Federation of Painting and Calligraphy, The Ministry of Culture, and The Chinese Artists Association. His works also received many successful bids at auction house Rongbao. Yang Jing pioneered Wuling School of painting and highly recognized by the art society.