The European Cultural Field Admired Ge Ping’s Li Qingzhao Impressionism Portrait Series

Recently, Ge Ping, a female artist who especially studies Chinese ink portraits and impressionism, is praised by European cultural field. After her paintings were given publicity in Europe by Doudier Runxiang Cultural Development Co.Ltd. in 2016, Her the Spring View in the Yard, the paintings of Li Qingzhao’s impressionistic portraits became popular in Europe again. Spanish poet Carlos Fernandez Aganzo appreciated the paintings; the paintings were published on “El Norte de Castilla”. Two directors and one editor from the news agency have won the most famous literature award in the Spanish world, the Cervantes Award.


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The Artwokrs that Are Appreciable and Affordable

Tang People Playing Polo

Tang People Playing Music

Tang People Traveling in Spring

On May 22nd, 2017, 50 pieces of Zirou Ligang’s Tang People Playing Polo serial painting and 150 pieces of Lu Delin’s calligraphy art were sent to Lijiang, Yunan, which marked the beginning of’s program of providing artworks to 26 National Cultural Consumption Pilot Cities.

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The Executive Director of UNWTO Zhu Shanzhong at


UNWTO Executive Director at



From left: Bu Fancun, Gao Runxiang, Zhu Shanzhong, Chen Xiaojun


In the afternoon of Feb.6th, 2017, UNWTO executive director came to for inspection. He had conference with the curator Gao Runxiang, office manager Ji Jiayu,  technology support manager Yuan Zhu from,  Dasanxiang capital operation manager Bu Fancun, and capital operation expert Chen Xiaojun. Director Zhu had international perspective, profound cultural antecedents, and rich experiences of travel; the director provided practical advices for’s future development. Continue reading

Zirou Ligang’s Exhibition Was Held at Taiwen Mansion Gallery

From Mar.16th to 19th, 2015, “The Flourishing Age of Tang Dynasty: Exhibition of Zirou Ligang’s Tang People Playing Polo Series” was held in Taiwen Mansion, Glass Street, Beijing.

Audiences from various backgrounds appreciated Tang People Playing Polo Series, and the exhibition was a great success. One of the audiences brought his 4-month-old grandson to experience the edifying influence of the art.

The curator of aimed to held this kind of exhibition in both international and local levels, so Chinese art would truly be propagagted.20150320110330761 20121127091815602 20121127091815817 Continue reading

Zihui Huangyong’s Profile

HuangZihui yong, whose last name is Huang and first name is Yong, styled himself as Zihui. He was born in Henan and now lives in Beijing. Zihui Huangyong is the director of the exhibition department and contracted calligrapher at and researcher from Painting and Calligraphy Educational Institute in the Open University of China. He has been studying calligraphy at an early age, especially focusing on regular scripts. Following the styles of Zhao Mengfu(Yuan Dynasty), Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi( Jin Dynasty), and Wen Zhengming and Wang Yayi, Zihui Huangyong aims to mimic the ancient calligraphers in lines, shapes, and texture. Graduated from Henan Provincial Institute of Culture and Arts, his regular script work Diamond Sutra, Tao Te Ching, Lotus Sutra, Huang-ting Ching, Heart Sutra, Mao Zedongs Three Articles, 110 Poems and Lyrics of Mao from Mao Zedong have been collected by collectors from
United States, France, Germany, South Africa and Taiwan;The Imagery Demonstration of Li Qingzhao’s Verses, painted by Ge Ping with the scripts written by Zihui Huangyong, has been collected by collectors and institutions from Singapore, Hongkong, Shandong, Henan, Beijing, and Shanghai.

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